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In the constantly evolving world of technology and science, mechanics, electrics, biology and chemistry are the cornerstones of innovation and progress.

As your competent partner, we offer you in-depth knowledge, precise approaches and passionate support for your projects in these three fields of expertise – always with the aim of helping your ideas to achieve maximum protection.


The technical understanding of mechanics, especially in the context of movement, deformation and power transmission, forms the core of our expertise.

From drive technologies and medical devices to precision engineering and large machines, from process technologies that optimize processes to ergonomics that focus on people, as well as land, watercraft and aircraft vehicles – we apply our in-depth technical knowledge and targeted commitment to your specific concerns in the mechanical sector.


The principles of static and moving electrical charges are central to our professional specialization in electrical engineering.

Whether it’s complex control and regulation systems, innovative switching and measurement technologies or in-depth aspects of device technology and electronics – we approach every challenge with detailed expertise and a passionate dedication to your electrical engineering concerns.


The complexity of the structure, behavior and transformation of substances as well as a deep understanding of life and living beings form the core of our expertise in biology and chemistry.

Whether in the fields of organic and inorganic chemistry, pharmaceutical developments, cosmetic innovations, specialized foundry techniques or modern paper manufacturing processes – we approach your projects and ideas in the world of biology and chemistry with professional precision and enthusiasm.

We take your ideas to the summit of success!

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